Model, which has been decorated using natural African inspired patterns. Even in contrast to the light of this oven will look different, and will fit perfectly in interiors with natural motifs. It can be used in a variety of color combinations.

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  Alicante model developed (built) to furnace THORMA -ALICANTE. This fireplace insert with a large glass and 8-12kw power ensures efficient combustion and excellent view of the flames. Fireplace suround made of heat accumulating material. This material helps to heat for several hours after the firing.

 Fireplace Hotplus unique modular technology allows ,follow video instruction, assemble without requiring special knowledge and use of tools, cutting, sanding, gluing and other aid.Can be assembled in one or two people using a single key. The special feature of this oven is possible to disassemble and move to another location. The wide color gamma allows the application of a variety of oven interiors and taste.

modular fireplace-Alicante



Safari-dark grey

Seria Alicante innovative solution is its structural element-columns. This element provides a superbly fitting, ideal corners and lines perfect for mounting device connections, which does not require no additional processing or gluing. The second feature - they are visually effective as reminiscent of the natural old tree details with a pronounced wood grain pattern, which gives the stove a special charm. These parts are available in various colors, to be successfully include a variety of interiors.


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