Quick install and uninstall

Fireplace fast montage and demontage provides module-type system, which has been developed using a unique technology ”Hotplus”

Heat accumulation effect

Fireplaces surounds is made from solid casting panels . As basic constituents is vulcanic rock, the fireplace has good heat accumulative properties

Compact size and dimensions

The fireplace has a compact size, which makes it possible to install a fireplace, even in very small and confined spaces, allowing you to

CE Certificate

fireplace insert is made in accordance with the EU requirements

Nature friendly

fireplace decoration is made from materials that are safe to the environment and peoples, does not contain any harmful chemicals and compounds


Original design

The fireplace is available in several textures, each texture has a number of shades. It allows you to customize the style of your fireplace and interior


Good quality! 

No additional costs! 

fireplace set is full compleeted 

No need to drill! 

No need to paint! 

No need to grind! 

Do it your self

Our mold system provide easy, simple und fast intallation. It could be done by every one!


2. Columns with old wood textures 

Vertical columns provide assembly without glue,no additional materials and dust. Available in wood  texture and different colors.

3. 3D frame for furnace 

Spatial frame that highlights the furnace and the furnace is granted a special form.

4. Convenient (comfortable) door handle 

Stainless steel handle for opening a door. Comfortable, aesthetic, safe.

5. Large ashtray 

Designed for easy oven cleaning the ash collector.

6. Dual function air intake handle 

With one handle adjustable both burning intensity of both self-cleaning glass.

9 Massive log holder and ashtry grill 

Durable wood holder and large cast iron ashtry grill.

8. Fine double walls 

Pretty inside doublewalls, that brings out the flame of the game and provides furnaces for longevity.

7.   Deco panels  

The panels are available in different colors and textures with heat accumulation efect.

10. Air intake/outflow grates 

Massive grilles for cold air inlet and  faster heat exchange in room.  











Our fireplces surrounds constructed from massive, heavy, casting panels.The panels composition are made by induvidual technology.Each panel ticknes is about 70mm and weight up to 40 kg .Surround weight up to 340 kg!!! Thanks to the heavy weight fireplace keep the warm more than 8 hours after burning.

1. Upper and backside conection

The fireplace can be conected with backside or upper pippe conection, witch diameter can be varied from 130mm to 200mm.

HOTPLUS, fireplace ALICANTE FOREST installation





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   Alicante model developed (built) to inserts THORMA ALICANTE. This fireplace inserts with a large glass and 8-12 kw power ensures efficient combustion and excellent view of the flames.

   Fireplace insert for solid fuel is a single-shaft heating device which replaces the existing heating for short periods between seasons or

supports it in the cold seasons.

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